Our Correspondent Mr.V.S.Subramanian

"I wish the school many more years of useful & constructive service to the society & bringing out the
Best Leaders of Tomorrow.."

     Our Principal Mrs. M.S.Jayasri


 “Success is failure delayed and failure is success delayed.”

   “Neither is failure final nor is success permanent.



  Our Vice Principal Mrs. Jashoda Sundar

 “Sivaswami Kalalaya pledges its support to your all-round development. Let us work together in ensuring that all your aspirations are

met...for..THEY ARE OURS TOO.."



Our Faculty - Pillars of Kalalaya

The school has dedicated and competent faculty members.They are highly qualified and are encouraged to attend professional development programmes to be in tune with the latest trends in the field of education and specifically their areas of specialisation.

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