Dear Parents and well wishers,

This is to bring to your kind notice that all correspondence may be directed to or click on contact us tag through our website to reach us. 

Students of classes IX - XII may note that the track and field events scheduled for Monday 19th August 2019 stands postponed due to the rains.

As a part of ACP programme and HPE programme, students of class IX B will be involved in cleaning Chitrakulam , Mylapore, along with a teacher co-ordinator on sunday 18th August 2019 frin 7.00 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. Grades will be awarded based on their performance.

Chinmaya Geeta Chanting Competition 2019-20  preliminary selection on 10.9.19 at school premises.

National Deworming Day – 8.8.2019 / 16.8.2019.

  • Weekly test round-2 for classes I- V scheduled on 24.7.19 is re-scheduled to 5.8.19, Monday.
  • Mid-term test for classes VI-VIII scheduled on 24.7.19 is re-scheduled  to 5.8.19, Monday.
  • Class test for classes III-V scheduled on 30.8.19 is re-scheduled  to 4.9.19, Wednesday.

Strengthening Assessment and Evaluation Practices of the Board - Attention class IX - XII students

Chinamaya Geetha Chanting Competition 2019-20 - Guidelines.

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Students safety

Ideal Uniform  pattern for  girls from classes VI to XII

Staff Application Form

All pupils are required to:

  • Attend school every day, unless they are legally excused.
  • Follow class rules.
  • Treat staff, other pupils and members of the school community with dignity and respect.
  • Have their own calendar and bring it to school each day. Parents should check their children's calendar from time to time.

No behavior that affects other people's safety such as harassment, bullying or any illegal activity will be tolerated at our school.